USA vs. Colombia 2024 Friendly: TV Schedule, Streaming, Lineups and Preview

USA vs. Colombia 2024 Friendly: TV Schedule, Streaming, Lineups and Preview

USA vs. Colombia: A Critical Friendly Ahead of Copa América

The excitement is building as the United States Men’s National Team (USMNT) gears up to face Colombia in a much-anticipated friendly match. Scheduled to take place at Commanders Field in Landover, this clash serves as a crucial test for both teams as they prepare for the upcoming Copa América. The stakes are high, and the match promises to be a teller of each team's strengths and areas needing improvement.

The USMNT is looking to prove its mettle against one of South America’s best teams. Under the guidance of their head coach, the Team USA strategists are focused on showcasing their readiness and strength, particularly given the importance of the imminent Copa América. This friendly is more than just a warm-up; it’s a barometer for the team's current form and a chance to build on their tactical formations and player partnerships.

However, the team faces significant hurdles, with the absence of star player Sergiño Dest due to an ACL injury that has sidelined him for the rest of the year. Dest’s injury is a significant blow to the squad, which will have to adapt quickly to fill the gap left by his absence. The team will need to rally and show resilience as they adjust their lineup and strategy to account for this loss.

An Enthusiastic Crowd and Viewing Opportunities

Despite these challenges, the USMNT aims to draw inspiration from the expected large crowd at Commanders Field. The support of thousands of fans can often be the X-factor in games of such stature. The electric atmosphere is bound to fuel the players' performances on the field.

For those unable to attend the match in person, numerous viewing options are available. The game will be broadcast live on TNT for English-speaking audiences, while Telemundo and Universo will provide coverage in Spanish. Additionally, fans can stream the match through Max (English), Peacock (Spanish), and FuboTV, which offers a free trial. With these options, soccer enthusiasts can follow the action from wherever they are, ensuring that they don't miss a moment of the excitement.

USMNT’s Tactical Preparations and Key Players

In terms of tactical preparations, the USMNT coaching staff will be keen to distribute playing time across the squad. This strategy not only helps in evaluating player performances but also ensures that key figures remain in peak condition for Copa América. The friendly offers a perfect platform to experiment with formations and tactics that could be pivotal during the tournament.

Key players like Christian Pulisic and Weston McKennie will be central to the USMNT's efforts. Their experience and skill will be vital in carrying the team forward, especially in the absence of Dest. Pulisic, with his ability to create scoring opportunities, and McKennie, known for his midfield dominance, will have significant roles to play in dictating the pace and control of the game.

Challenges and Expectations for Colombia

Colombia will not be an easy opponent; known for their robust style of play and technically gifted players, they always pose a significant challenge. Facing Colombia offers the American squad a chance to measure up against high-caliber opposition, thus revealing what adjustments might be necessary ahead of tougher contests in Copa América.

Moreover, for some players, this friendly will be a golden opportunity to make a case for their inclusion in the final roster for the tournament. Emerging talents who can perform under pressure will look to stake their claim and secure their spots.

The Road to Copa América and Beyond

The friendly against Colombia can be seen as a stepping stone on the road to what the USMNT hopes will be a successful run in Copa América. The tournament itself is a significant event, offering the team an opportunity to showcase its growth on an international stage and compete with some of the world's best footballing nations.

Beyond Copa América, the USMNT is also looking ahead to future international competitions, including the World Cup. Building a strong team foundation and gaining international experience are part of the broader strategy to elevate the USMNT's place in global soccer.

As the match against Colombia approaches, the excitement and anticipation among fans and players alike are palpable. Each game, whether a friendly or a competition match, brings with it the potential for new heroes to emerge and for the team to learn valuable lessons.


In conclusion, the USMNT's friendly match against Colombia is more than just a game; it’s a crucial step in their preparation for Copa América and an opportunity to gauge their competitive edge against top-tier talent. Fans and players alike will be eagerly awaiting the kickoff, ready to witness a display of skill, strategy, and sporting spirit. With multiple viewing options available, no soccer enthusiast will have to miss out on what promises to be an engaging and pivotal encounter.