Wigwe University Set to Open Doors in Isiokpo, Honoring Late Founder Herbert Wigwe

Wigwe University Set to Open Doors in Isiokpo, Honoring Late Founder Herbert Wigwe

Set against the serene backdrop of Isiokpo in Rivers State, Wigwe University emerges as a beacon of hope and a promising academic institution, conceived from the vision of the late finance mogul Herbert Wigwe. Despite the profound loss felt across the nation following Wigwe's tragic death in a helicopter crash, which also claimed the lives of his wife Chizoba and son Chizi, the university plans to commence its first academic session in August 2024, just six months post his demise. This act alone stands as a testament to Wigwe's lasting legacy and his profound commitment to education.

Under the guidance of Prof. Miles Davis, the inaugural vice-chancellor from the United States, noted for his extensive background with a doctorate in human and organisational sciences from The George Washington University, the university is poised for excellence. The responsibility of bringing Wigwe's vision to life now rests on his capable shoulders. Prof. Davis, with his rich academic and administrative experience, is expected to drive the institution towards becoming a hub for innovation and leadership.

The educational framework of Wigwe University is meticulously designed to cater to a spectrum of academic pursuits. It houses four major colleges: College of Management and Social Sciences, College of Art, College of Science and Computing, and College of Engineering. Each college is curated to foster a unique set of skills and knowledge, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure students receive top-tier educational experiences. For instance, the College of Art, though the least expensive at N9,600,000, provides a comprehensive package that includes tuition, books, laboratory supplies, personal protective equipment, project lab resources, e-learning tools, and health insurance, reflecting the university's commitment to comprehensive education.

Beyond its academic offerings, Wigwe University also boasts an impressive assembly of board members. Among them are Prof. Fabian Ajogwu, a senior advocate of Nigeria and founding partner of Kenna Partners, alongside Ajoritsedere Awosika and Mosunmola Belo-Olusoga. Their collective expertise and governance are anticipated to steer the university towards achieving its overarching goal: to empower youths and foster a generation capable of making positive global impacts.

The ethos at the heart of Wigwe University - empowering the youth - resonates strongly with Herbert Wigwe's life mission. The institution is not merely an academic entity; it is a catalyst for change, designed to shape future leaders who are ready to take on world challenges with creativity, analytical skills, and ethical leadership. As the university prepares to unveil its educational prowess to the world, it stands as a luminous example of how personal tragedy can transform into an enduring legacy that benefits the wider society.

The path ahead for Wigee University is fraught with expectations and promise. Given its robust foundation and leadership, it is well-equipped to transcend the typical challenges faced by new educational institutions. As the countdown to its opening continues, the educational community and prospective students are watching closely, eager to be part of a journey that promises not just education but a transformation in the lives of young people empowered to face the future confidently.